Kelsey’s 3-Ingredient, 20-Second Jam

Kelsey’s 3-Ingredient, 20-Second, Any-Fruit Jam

  • 1/2 cup chopped fruit (I used blueberries)
  • sweetener, to taste (I used a sprinkle of NuNaturals Stevia)
  • 1/16 tsp xanthan gum

Place all ingredients in a mini-food processor and process until smooth, or smash everything together with a fork. Let thicken and eat. đŸ™‚

The key ingredient here is the xanthan gum because it binds the jam, makes it thicker and helps it to spread. I suppose you could make it without it, but just expect a pureed fruit texture over a smooth jam.

Also, to be quite honest, I have only made this once. I’ve only made it with blueberries and I really have no idea whether or not it would work with other fruits. I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t though!

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