No Rhyme or Reason

I apologize for my absence! To say that I have been busy would be QUITE the understatement. I really am sorry and have missed posting + commenting. I wish I could promise that I’ll do better, but I really am doing my best. Be patient with me please, and know that I’m trying to post and comment as much as I can! Smile 

I have no specific focus on my post for today, so I thought I would show you some pictures that have been hiding in my folders.


I made Angela’ s Rustic Banana Oat Cake (sans the glaze) with some blackened bananas, and it was amazing—to say the least. My family and I loved it! I used unsweetened chocolate chunks and omitted the nuts. I think I also used stevia in place of the sugar or maybe did half/half. I can’t remember. It was awesome though and was incredibly dense. So good.


I have been LOVING Carrie’s Inside Out Peanut Butter Cupcakes! These are one of my favorite snacks. They pack 24 grams of protein and are so, so amazing.



(I got some TJ’s peanut flour in New Mexico on my trip to Utah a couple months ago, but I have a tip for those of you without TJ’s! Do some research and see if there’s a food storage store nearby you. There’s a company called Walton Feed that makes something called “Peanut Butter Powder” which is peanut flour. It has a higher fat percentage (28%) compared to Trader Joe’s (12%), so the stats aren’t quite as stellar, but it’s still great! It’s often sold at food storage stores, so see if there is one near you. Smile )


I usually eat them alongside a banana or a sliced apple, since the “cupcakes” are very low in carbs. They’re also pretty low in fat, so sometimes I top them with a chocolate-coconut butter mixture. (It’s basically liquefied coconut butter with cocoa powder & stevia, all stirred together.) A glass of unsweetened vanilla almond milk regularly makes an appearance, as well. 🙂


Apple with cinnamon, woot woot.


I have been making a LOT of my Salted Dark Chocolate Almond-Pecan Butter! I seriously love that nut butter; it is THE best one I have ever had or made. If you haven’t made it yet, pleaseeeee do. A good combo is two whole Baker’s Unsweetened Squares and two of the flat, thin Lindt 85% squares. That’s usually what I do, because my mom likes to eat it too and doesn’t quite like it straight unsweetened. It’s also pretty cool, because I’m not the only one making it! My friends Audrey and Landon also make it quite frequently. I love it when people make my recipes in their own kitchens. It feels cool. 🙂


Here’s some peanut butter “ice cream.” I made it out of frozen unsweetened vanilla almond milk cubes, peanut flour (but you could use peanut butter), some frozen banana, vanilla stevia drops and almond milk to get things going.


I don’t remember what the chocolate sauce was that I topped it with. Maybe like cocoa powder, coconut oil and stevia? Haha. I crumbled a little bit of organic graham crackers on top, too. I know, I know, organic junk food is still junk food, but I eat these graham crackers VERY, very rarely.


These are classic 3-ingredient peanut butter cookies (sugar, peanut butter and eggs) that I ended up vegan-ifying by using a flax egg. My little brother helped me, and he accidentally dumped my little baggie of ground flax (maybe 1/4 cup?) into the mixture. We thought it would be a flop, but they actually turned out very well! It made them heartier, and it was cool.

Hmm, this is a pita pizza! The sauce was humnut sauce (hummus + nutritional yeast + water) and I topped it with daiya, sliced tomatoes, spinach, and one of my pesto burgers.



So good.

Oh, I made Kayla’s favorite bread recipe! It’s this one, from Cooking for Seven.


It was pretty good! I’m not sure that I liked it more than my regular favorite recipe, but it does take significantly less time, which is a huge bonus in my book. I think they’re both really good, and since this one is quicker, it’s probably the one I will make from now on. Thanks, Kayla! Oh, I should also probably mention that my mom and I doubled the salt and the honey in the recipe… we do that with the other one, too. It’s kind of embarrassing for me to admit that, considering it’s usually quite the opposite with anything I make. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m pretty anti-sugar, but I guess I have a thing for bread with a hint of sweetness. We like ours to taste like Great Harvest bread… what can I say? 😛

And last but not least, this was a delicious blueberry-banana smoothie that had…

  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • frozen blueberries
  • frozen almond milk cubes
  • almond milk
  • ice
  • and guar gum

I ate it in an almost-empty raw almond butter jar, topped with granola, shredded coconut and coconut butter. So good. Smile


Haha, well I hope you enjoyed this random, pointless post. My next ones will be better, I think! I was a bad blogger and left my camera at a friend’s house, so no food has been photographed as of late. I’m sorry; forgive me? Smile

Question of the Day: What are your favorite random snacks or quick meals? I like the aforementioned cupcakes and yummy smoothies! Have you ever done something silly like leave your camera at a friend’s house?

Thanks for reading!



29 responses to “No Rhyme or Reason

  1. YUM!!!! This post is making my stomach growl!!! 🙂 Girl, you always have the best eats! 🙂 I want some of your Peanut Butter Ice Cream!! 🙂 Breakfast perhaps? 😀

    I’ve missed you! 🙂

  2. Im going to have to make some of that PB ice cream!

  3. Your peanut butter ice cream looks amazing! I still have some peanut flour on hand. I’ll have to make it!

  4. omg coolest food alert!!
    that rustic cake looks AMAZING – and so do your inside out cakes!! thanks for the shoutout girl!!
    my fav snacks are definitely… fruit and nuts, bananas with pb and larabars!

  5. Too much gorgeous food in this post!! Larabars are usually my go-to snacks especially if I have class or something 🙂

  6. Wow! All of your food looks so amazing!!! 😀 Some of my go to snacks:
    Sliced apple, topped with honey and cinnamon, then microwaved until soft (its almost like apple pie filling! :D)
    PB crackers

  7. So much peanut flour love in this post. I am obsessed with it! I still haven’t tried the inside out peanut butter cupcakes though.
    My favorite snacks are frozen muffins or baked goods (weird, I know); snack plates of dried fruit, cereal, and chocolate; banana with nut butter; and rice cakes with lots of hummus or guacomole and lettuce for more crunch!

  8. Oh wow! You just reminded me that I really need to make that Rustic Banana Cake AND Carries cupcakes! Ugh, why does it take so long to try something new?? Your ice cream looks/sounds so good…I want a bowl now and it’s not even 7am! Haha!

    My go to quick dinner is always an egg scramble of some sort with tons of veggies and my latest snack obsession is FSTG cheddar flavored chips dipped in unsalted almond butter! Soooo good!

  9. I am totally jealous of all youuuuuuur food in this post, I just finished breakfast and I think I am now hungry again 😉

  10. Everything looks really good! The almond pecan butter sounds amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever had pecan butter. 🙂


  11. Delish! I need to try everyone of these recipes 🙂

  12. spoonfulofsugarfree

    Looks like you have been busy in the kitchen 🙂 🙂

    My fav quick snack is….just nuts and fruit 🙂 Easy to grab!

  13. TheCreamFilling

    Everything looks delicious! I especially love those inside out peanut butter cupcakes! I want to make some 😀

  14. Food porn alert! Everything looks amazing!!! My favorite quick snack is yogurt and fruits 😀

  15. Kaila @healthyhelperblog!

    WOW! Even though you’ve been busy, you sure have been eating good! All of that looks fabulous! I haven’t tried Carrie’s pb muffins but now I must! They looks awesome…and I already love peanut flour so I am sure I will like it in muffin form!

  16. Pingback: Now Coconut Organic Unsweetened

  17. The Teenage Taste

    Looks like you’ve been pretty busy in the kitchen, eh? Everything looks so good, especially that rustic cake. I’m drooling! 🙂

  18. None of your posts are pointless, girl!! 🙂 I love seeing random food pictures, especially when they’re as yummy looking as yours are 😀

  19. Great to hear from you! I’d say you were busy making these delicious things

  20. I love peanut flour! For snacks, I love to mix it into greek yogurt and make a sauce to put atop rice cakes!

  21. theflourishingfoodie

    I can totally relate to the lack of posting, it’s just hard to find the time! Those pb cupcakes look amazing. I MUST get some peanut flour asap! Is there a food storage place here that you can buy the pb powder?
    No need to justify eating the graham crackers, no one eats an absolutely perfect diet! Nor should they, a little junk on rare occasion is good. At least in my opinion.
    I really wanna try that bread too!

  22. It’s been too long! ahaha.

    I love camera closet cleanouts! So much fun and good stuff! I need to get on carrie’s pb cake!! SO yum loooking ! I keep forgetting about it!

    Your smoothie look gorgeous! 🙂

  23. Frozen almond milk cubes is a ingenious idea. Would have never have thought of. Will have to try….Thanks for the tip.

  24. i’ve been so busy, too, so i complete understand the hiatus! 🙂
    looks like you’ve been busy baking some delicious things; i’m going to definitely try those peanut butter cupcakes.

    my fave snack is usually hummus on a whole wheat tortilla. 🙂

  25. I’m glad you’re back! Your blog is my second most favourite one overall! 🙂 i have your pecan-almond-chocolate nut butter recipe bookmarked. I’ve never in my life tried pecans but I remember seeing them in some shop..just have to remember where. Instead of dark chocolate I’m going to use cacao powder and little sugar.

  26. HOMEGIRL I need to catch up with your blog so badly. I know you understand what being busy is like though 😉

    Oh la la I need peanut flour/powder back in my life so I can make Carrie’s shenanigans too, looks and sounds melt-in-your-mouth AMAZING!

    Love you sista! Happy Sunday funday!

  27. I don’t think this post was pointless or random, Kelsey! Not at all! 🙂
    The banana oat cake from Angela looks great, yum!
    Yay! My favorite bread recipe! It IS really quick, that’s why I like it so much! Glad you tried! I might try doubling the salt and honey next time I make it!
    The pb cookies look so thick! I’m surprised it work with a flax egg, that’s great!
    I love smoothies for snacks and also Larabars, lately!!
    My camera takes AA batteries and we are COMPLETELY out, so I’ve been camera-less the last few days and it stinks!
    I’ve missed you, girl!

  28. Oh girl, those are some seriously delicious looking eats!

    And hey, I thought of you last week… I got your movie on Netflix and it was SO cute! Seriously! You are quite the impressive actress! 🙂

  29. These look amazing! I love all your pictures (: Especially the carrot cake one- I just blogged on a healthy carrot cake recipe that I hope you will check out!

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