There’s a New Burger in Town

Hey guys! Thanks for your sweet comments about my room. I appreciated them, and it was awesome to hear about what some of your rooms are like!

Well yesterday was the day… I’m 17! Pretty crazy. It was a really good day! I got to sleep in, do my work out, AND be productive all day, so that was cool. One thing that was pretty crazy about yesterday was that I wasn’t hungry at ALL. Seriously, I was almost disappointed! lol. I was going to make one of Ashley’s famous buckwheat bakes for my birthday breakfast, or Angela’s Sweet Potato Breakfast Casserole, but I had no desire to eat, so I didn’t. Nothing sounded good, and I wasn’t hungry. For lunch I just had some leftover channa masala (my mom took me out to an Indian restaurant for my birthday dinner the other day!) and some leftover tofu. Also, remember how I was considering making a Kelsey-friendly cake/pie type thing? That didn’t even sound appealing anymore, and I didn’t have to make it anyway! Do you know why? Because some of my AMAZING friends had already done it for me. 🙂


It’s a vegan, agave-sweetened, chocolate cake made with whole wheat flour. Amazing!


And can you guess what it was frosted with?


My Dark Chocolate Pecan-Almond Butter!! They are SO cool. I said in that post that I wanted to frost my birthday cake in the stuff, and they really did it! Haha, it was so neat. It also tasted amazing!

So since it was my birthday, I decided to give you guys the two veggie burger recipes I was teasing you about earlier. A lot of you guessed that they contained chickpeas or spinach… but actually, the only person who was correct was Tara!


I know, it looks so appealing. This burger does, indeed, contain….


PESTO! It’s a pesto-lentil-tofu burger, to be exact. Winking smile No spinach involved.

This one contains no chickpeas, which was a common guess. It actually is made of…


Sweet potatoes!


Sweet potato lentil tofu burger, to be exact. Smile


And now the recipes!


Lentil-Tofu Veggie Burgers 
– Two Flavors: Pesto and Sweet Potato

This makes one large “base” batch, and then you divide the batches in half and flavor accordingly.


Base batch –

  • 1 block of extra-firm tofu, pressed (I used my Tofu XPress)
  • 1 cup dry lentils (which makes 2 cups cooked lentils)
  • 1/2-3/4 cup diced vegetables* (optional)
  • sea salt, to taste

*I was running low on veggies, so I just used some already-cooked onions and peppers that were leftover from another meal. You can use carrots, celery, corn, or any other vegetable you like.

Cook your lentils in 2 cups of water and cut and sauté the vegetables in an oiled pan. Reserve 1 cup of the lentils for later. Because I used my mini food processor, I pulsed everything individually: First I dumped the other 1 cup of lentils in, processed till chunky and poured them in a mixing bowl. Then I dumped in the vegetables, processed them a bit, and added them to the bowl with lentils. Finally, I did the same thing with the tofu, processing until very smooth and adding it to the bowl. If you need to add a tiny bit of water to get things moving, that’s okay too. Alternatively, if you have a big food processor, just throw everything in at once (Although I would suggest doing the lentils a few seconds before everything else. You need them to be broken down so they help hold the burger together.) and process till combined.

Now divide the mixture into two separate bowls, and add the following for each batch:

Lentil-Tofu Pesto Burgers

  • 1/2 batch of the veggie burger base mix
  • 1/2 cup of the reserved lentils
  • heaping 1/2 cup pesto** (somewhere between 1/2 and 3/4)
  • 2 tablespoons chopped walnuts
  • 1/2 tablespoon dried basil
  • Italian seasoning blend, to taste
  • sea salt, to taste
  • (These would also be great with some nutritional yeast, but I had none)

**I used a homemade vegan parsley pesto, but you can use whatever you like.

Add all ingredients to the bowl and stir well to combine. Form patties with hands, using a heaping 1/3 cup for each patty. Place them on a greased (and I lined mine with tin foil) baking sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes, checking doneness occasionally and flipping them over halfway through. Let cool and enjoy! Makes about 5 patties.

Lentil-Tofu Sweet Potato Burgers-

  • 1/2 batch veggie burger base mix
  • 1/2 cup of the reserved lentils
  • 1 medium to large sweet potato, baked and skin removed
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp cumin
  • sea salt, to taste

Process the baked sweet potato until it’s smooth and mashed, or just mash it really well with a fork. Mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl, and form the patties, using a heaping 1/3 cup for each patty. Place them on a greased (and tin-foil lined, if you like) baking sheet and bake at 350 for 20-30 minutes. Flip them over halfway through cooking, and check occasionally for doneness. Sometimes they cook quicker, so keep an eye on them. Let cool and enjoy! Makes 4-5 patties.

You could do what I did, which was make the base, divide it in half and add the flavors, or you could halve the base mix and just make one flavor. It’s up to you entirely, but both of these are pretty awesome! I’d suggest trying each of them, and let me know which one is your favorite. Smile

Question of the Day: What is your very favorite veggie burger? I don’t find ones in-stores that I like very often. The only ones I like are the organic tofu burgers from Trader Joe’s. Doesn’t it figure that I don’t have access to them? lol.



35 responses to “There’s a New Burger in Town

  1. theflourishingfoodie

    That is so sweet of your friends to make you a birthday cake that contains the types of foods you want to eat. The cake looks super pretty and yummy, your friends did good :). Those burgers look really tasty. I love that they are made of different thing than traditional veggie burgers.
    I really like black bean burgers, which aren’t technically veggie burgers but they are vegetarian and really good.

  2. Thats so sweet they made you a cake! 🙂 Looks yummy. Happy birthday!

  3. Those burgers look great! I usually make mine with black beans and oats, but I bet the lentils would add a nice hearty taste! You’re so creative 🙂

  4. Hey Kelsey Dear! 😀

    Awwwweee! That was so sweet of them!!! I remember you saying you wanted to frost your cake with it. 🙂 Did they give that to you today? Haha, you heard what I want to frost my cake with. 😉

    Those burgers sound absolutely AMAZING!!!!! 😀 I love that you used lentils!!! 😀 What a great recipe Kelz! 🙂

    I love you! 🙂

  5. Haha I’m just that good! I guess that means I’m destined to make them. Actually I’ve been looking for some lentil recipes so this is perfect! My favorite veggie burgers are homemade black bean burgers. The vegetable masala burgers from TJ’s are actually really good for frozen veggie burgers.

    I’m so jealous of your birthday cake. Your friends are too sweet!!

  6. Super yummy looking cake! So prettily (is that a word?) decorated!

    I sure do love veggie burgers! That one looks super unique! On my list of things to make fo’ sho.

  7. i LOVE sweets… healthy sweets? even better!! that cake looks delicious and very beautifully decorated!

  8. awww that si so sweet! and the cake looks absolutely gorgeous 🙂 you have some great friends girl! (and you deserve it too! 🙂 )

    glad your bday was lovely! 🙂


  9. These look amazing! The cake, the burgers- what’s not to love?!

  10. Happy Birthday! 😀
    Those recipes look awesome…thanks for posting them!

  11. AHH happy 17th-(yesterday!) that cake is SO sweet! your friends are awesome. and the frosting of that butter sounds SO GOOD! i LOVe these burgers.. esp the pesto one!

  12. It was really cool to see those pictures of your cake on your blog. I think it’s basically the best cake ever. ^_^

  13. Hi there! Happy belated birthday – the cake looks super yummy! Your blog design is beautiful 🙂

  14. spoonfulofsugarfree

    Happy 17 Kelsey!!! Your friends are too sweet 🙂 What an awesome cake!!!

    And gee, your right! I would never have thought of that. They sound amazing though. Both of them!!! Because I LOVE PESTO and I LOVE SWEET TATERS!!!!!!

    My favorite veggie burger is the one I get from costco-Morningstar black bean. It is s yummy and it tastes kinda mexican.

  15. Awww… you DO have amazing friends girl!!! That was so sweet of them! And I’m so glad you had a good b-day!! 😀

    Oh those burgers look AMAZING!!! Pesto and sweet potatoes, two of my favorite foods! 🙂 My favorite veggie burgers are homemade Curried Mango Chutney Tofu Burgers!! They are the BEST! Well, the may come in second or third after I try your burgers 😉

  16. The Teenage Taste

    That is awesome that your friends made you that cake – it looks fabulous! I would have never thought of frosting a cake with nut butter. Great idea!

  17. Happy late Birthday! The cake looks good. I thought your room was soo pretty, I’m jealous.

  18. Happy belated birthday!! That’s so sweet of them to make the cake for you!!!! Thanks for the pesto burger recipe!! I love anything with pesto!!!!

  19. oh my your friends are SO SWEET!! I just made cake this weekend and also covered it with berries 🙂

  20. Happy Belated Birthday!
    Glad you stumbled upon my giveaway, best of luck!

  21. That is so thoughtful of your friends! You know they care when they read your blogs and do something before you can 🙂
    Happy Belated Birthday!!

  22. Those sounds perfect. I would have loved them too! Wht a great bday meal!

  23. How awesome of your friends to make you cake, that’s so sweet 🙂 Happy belated bday girl! 😀

  24. Kaila @healthyhelperblog!

    How sweet of your friends to make you that awesome looking cake! Frosted with almond butter…..YUMMY!

    Both burger recipesa sound amazing as well…..I love me a good veggie burger!

  25. I love these veggie burgers! thanks for the idea!

  26. well, whenever you do decide to go to new york, let me know! i’m coming, too, and we can have a blogger meet up! haha 🙂

  27. Aww, happy 17th! That was one of my favorite ages! 🙂

  28. So sweet of your friends to make you a wonderful bday cake! 🙂

    And your veggie burgers sound awesome; I just bookmarked the recipe!

  29. How sweet (haha, pun) of your friends! That cake looks divine!

    Just bookmarked this…I am totally making that sweet potato burger! Yum! I love how you added the tofu for the protein boost! I like TJ’s veggie masala burger, but I typically pair it with egg since it doesn’t have a lot of protein in it as is. Keeps me full for longer that way.

    Happy belated b-day!!

  30. Aw your so lucky to have such amazing friends! The cake looks amazing.

    And yay, I will be trying that recipe soon! All my tofu burgers are fails and crumble immediately :\

  31. What a neat blog…just found it today! I’m 27 and just started eating “clean” and mostly vegan about 2 years ago. Wish I had been doing what you’re doing at 17!!!

  32. hey girl!
    i just found a vegan version of that bread:
    looks delicious, i might have to try it! let me know if you do!

  33. happy 17th 🙂 Those burgers and cake look ah-mazing!
    I just started reading your blog and I can’t wait to keep reading!!!

  34. those burgers look yum loveee the cake too yum! Happy birthday.

  35. I made the lentil-tofu burgers today, Kelsey, and they were AWESOME! I also put them on a pizza I made with socca. It was SO YUMMY!

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