Currently I am blogging from a Café Rio in Utah—I thought you should know. There’s no internet at my grandpa’s house, so we’ve had to go to various places with Wi-Fi whenever we’ve needed it. One of those times was for blogging. The things I do for you guys. 😛

Anyway, I told you I would be keeping up with my blogging, but as expected, there isn’t much to blog about! The large amounts of words and small amount of pictures on my last post is evidence of this. This is only our third full day here though, so maybe things will pick up. My meals have been ridiculously simple: an apple or orange with nuts/nut butter for breakfast; a slice of whole wheat Utah bread topped with hummus/guac and black beans with canned veggie soup for lunch; and maybe a salad with a hummus-topped veggie burger for dinner. My lunch and dinner meals have swapped a couple times, too.

What I’ve realized (and what I realize every time) is that it’s hard to eat healthy, nutritious, veggie-filled meals away from home! Goodness, there’s so much planning that has to go into it. I had to think ahead about what to snack on on the car drive, and I also had to think about what food would hold me over for our 10-day visit. This is basically what I brought:

  • 2 HUGE bags of washed and sliced veggies
    –This took a ton of prep work. I had to wash all the peppers, celery, snap peas, carrots and cucumbers, then dry and slice them. I hated doing it, but it was so worth it for the drive!
  • 2 small containers of hummus (much more space-friendly than a big tub)
  • Homemade simple guac (2 big avocadoes mashed with lime juice and salt)
  • A can of black beans emptied into a tupperware + 2 other cans of beans
  • Amy’s Organic Veggie Soup
  • A loaf of clean whole wheat bread (Thank you, Sprouts!)
  • A ton of fruit (apples, oranges, ridiculously on sale blueberries, etc.)
  • The remains of my natural peanut butter jar
  • Homemade trail mix (pecans, walnuts, almonds + dried berry mix)
  • Pistachios (this was a special buy for the trip. I looove pistachios!)
  • My protein powder + NuNaturals Stevia Packets
  • A baggie of sprouted wheat
  • A bag of uncooked quinoa

Then, when we got to Trader Joe’s I picked up some organic lentil veggie soup, and two TJ’s organic tofu burgers (SO good!). When we got to Utah, we picked up a few more staples: almond milk, a bag of spinach, more apples, oatmeal, and a sweet potato.

It may seem ridiculous that we had to bring so much food, but my poor grandpa—bless his heart—literally has no good food. He’s at that age where he’s stuck in his routine, and he eats the same thing every single day. The man swears by his processed cheese and crackers for lunch, and his freezer is filled to the brim with Banquet frozen meals for dinner. Don’t even get me started on his Reese’s Puffs for breakfast and the Little Debbie Swiss Rolls he eats throughout the day. Unless I want to be eating the same way, I have to bring my own food.

So yes, it does require a whole lot of planning, but it’s worth it. I feel my best when I eat the way I do, and if I have to spend a few hours prepping my food, then I will. How do you prepare for a trip? Do you pack your own food or just go with the flow?


Before I left, I had one of the best meals EVER! I got this idea from the Pure2Raw twins, and it was so awesome.


What’s in there?


Each wrap contains:

  • 2 small sweet potato rounds, mashed
  • A spoonful of the twins’ avocado sauce
  • A spoonful of quinoa/barley mix
  • Arugula
  • And a handful of dried edamame for extra protein

The wraps were all contained in two big collard green leaves. Amazing!!


I want to re-make this meal ASAP. It was so so good and filling! It had a lot of greens, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and protein. I was also amazed at how good the avocado/sweet potato combo is. Have you ever tried it?! You must. 🙂


Anyway, I probably should go read my Psychology now. I love Psychology, don’t get me wrong, but right now I’m reading all about neurobiology. It’s not exactly the most exciting thing, and I’d rather learn about behaviors and thought processes! Oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Question of the Day: What do you bring for food on trips? Is it worth it to you to stick out, or do you prefer to just eat what is available?

Question of the Day 2: How do the eating habits of your family members compare to your own? Are you the only health-conscious person, or does your family feel the same way? My little brother won’t touch anything even remotely healthy, but my mom tries to eat well. As long as it isn’t too “out there,” she’ll eat what I eat, but the planning/packing isn’t really worth it to her.

Thanks for reading!


25 responses to “On-The-Go

  1. I agree, sometimes it can be hard to eat healthy while travelling. I tend to bring my own food when I’m travelling with family or close friends, but get kinda embarrassed if it’s with people that don’t know my healthy lifestyle too well.

    My family is a mix – healthy and unhealthy. My Mom eats sorta healthy, but also eats a waffle with sugar and butter every morning for breakfast. My brother is a typical 10 year old, chips, ice cream, cookies, etc. He does like some healthy stuff though! Especially banana soft-serve and all veggies. My Dad is also health-minded, but he has this weird thing with nut butters, despite all of my attempts to inform him about they’re benefits he still thinks all fat is bad fat.

    Phew…that was a mouth-full. Hope you’re having a great time at your grandpa’s house! 😀

  2. Yum, those lettuce wraps look so delish!! I loved this post; teenagehealthfreak just did a post very similar to this one. I find them so informative and helpful seeing what you guys bring when out and about traveling or with a big church group or that type of thing. I can’t wait to go travel with a big group myself so that I can do a post of my own showing all of my packable eats…most of them similar to yours as well! But I always bring LOTS of bars! lunas, laras, cliff, I need a variety at all times:)

  3. Mmm.. yummy-looking wraps. What kind of lettuce did you use to wrap them? When we go on trips, I definitely make sure to pack fruits, veggies, and almonds so I don’t have to cave for convenience store junk. My family did not use to eat healthy AT ALL until I got interested in nutrition and started cooking healthier. I have got my mom on a full-on health kick (more like lifestyle) and she is a veggie and juicing fanatic now! Don’t get me wrong though, we still balance it out with occasional “junk” but feel much better eating whole, un-processed foods. Hope the rest of your trip is excited. Later girl.

  4. So glad you liked our avocado sauce, we love it too 🙂 And it is so yummy with sweet potatoes!!!
    And I will take your meal any day, it looks delicious!!!

    And with our crazy eats we always try to plan and pack things for a trip! Sometimes it is easy than others, but we try to bring our food – mostly snacks.

  5. I need to start using lettuce wraps for sandwichs great idea!

  6. I pack food for a trip, but I usually assume I can find something healthy- definitely not the case sometimes! I wish I was as organized as you 🙂

  7. Those wraps look so delicious! Although avocado seems to make anything tasty. 🙂 I’m definitely the odd one out when it comes to healthy eating in my family. Even though I changed my eating habits a little over a year ago, they still really haven’t. Although my boyfriend does eat healthier since we started dating, which I’m definitely happy about. I usually bring food on trips too, or else my options sometimes end up being pretty limited.

  8. those wraps sound beautiful!! i always bring food.. i mean in the end.. id rather eat than starve so i just dont think about what other people will say.. esp now as a vegan its important to bring food becuz its not always easy tofind!

  9. spoonfulofsugarfree

    You brought guac on the trip? Doesn’t it get brown and spoil?
    I usually bring some basics to get me through, but I supplement with eating out and maybe picking up some stuff at a grocery store…

    My eating habits are more extreme compared to the rest of the family, but my mom is very close second. The rest: they’ll eat whatever is in front of them (which we make healthy 😉 ) But then they’ll supplement with some cookies and junk!! haha…

  10. I usually eat less processed food than my family does!
    We always carry food around with us on trips!!

  11. I usually just bring granola bars and maybe some carrots/pb when we’re traveling. I’m thinking that you are amazing for packing all that fruit/veggies! I would do the same thing if my grandpa ate like that, though! 🙂

  12. I like pack my own food to make sure there is always something for me to eat. 🙂 I first consider how many days and how many meals/snacks I will need, what will be provide where I am going (like if they have oats, nuts, fruit, etc. that I could use),and then how much room I will have to store my food. Finally, I try to make them simple, portable, yet nutritious. Nevertheless, if I’m out and about and I didn’t bring anything, I just strive to eat as healthily and nutritionally as I can. 🙂

    My mom is pretty health conscious because of her diabetes, but while my dad and sister do eat healthy, they also like their processed stuff (maybe a little too much). I myself strive to eat whole, UNprocessed, REAL food. If the rest of my family is having those processed fish-sticks for dinner because it has to be fast that night, I either make a healthier version for myself or grab something different (like roast some veggies or whatever). 🙂

  13. I like oats, nuts, fruit, homemade laras, precut veggies, soy nuts, etc. 🙂 Hehe, and I also like Amy’s Black Bean Chili. 😉

  14. I always make sure that wherever I go I’ll be able to eat the healthy foods that I love. Since I don’t really go on any trips I don’t have to worry about this right now but when I went to the city for a night I made sure to buy delicious food at Whole Foods. 🙂

  15. I love collard wraps!
    I don’t travel much, usually just to my grandma’s. But when I do I bring a big cooler and box full of my food. Yes, it takes A LOT of time, but it’s worth it to me. I’ll share some of the food with everybody but for the most part I’m the only health-conscious one in my family.

  16. I pack my own food always! Hey, sometimes you never know when your next meal will be. I like to pack a mini cooler on loner stays but for day trips some salads and luna bars will do! 🙂


  17. I try to take my food when I can – I honestly like it much better then what I find elsewhere 🙂
    I’m the health conscious one in my family, too! My parents don’t eat bad, and sometimes they eat healthy, but I’m trying to get them to eat even more healthy! My brother sounds JUST like yours! I’m trying to get him to eat more healthy too, but it’s hopeless 😉

  18. I forgot how much I loved avocado with lime juice and salt. After I saw this I had to make some 🙂

  19. i definitely pack food for trips! when i went to china last year, i brought a huge bar stash, instant organic rolled oats, vegan jerky, amazing meal/protein powder packs, and lots of dried fruit! i ended up eating almost everything i brought with me!

  20. I really enjoy vegan food when it’s well thought out like your wraps. Will you make them for me? 🙂

  21. Oh man, I want a lettuce wrap!!!

    Have fun in Utah 🙂

  22. You’re right..it is a lot of work to pack and bring your own food on the road! If I know I’m going to be in a place where I can prepare food, sometimes I will just shop for it there. If not, I just try to do the best I can and bring some staples like oatmeal and fresh fruit with me. I think you’re doing a great job!

  23. i spotted the sweet potato in there right away! and then the amazingly creamy and delicious looking avocado sauce! pure2raw twins always have great fresh meal ideas!

    sometimes its so easy to hit points/stages where there isnt much to blog about. last year i experienced a lot of those times. but i always get excited when you check in, and especially when you share your meals and food photos! ive gotten so many fantastic ideas from you, whether its been your own creations or versions of others. ❤


  24. Hey chica, miss your posts. Would love hearing an update from you when you get some free time. 🙂

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