Caught Orange-Handed

Yesterday I went to see the doctor for the first time in a few years—my mom is not big into traditional medicine or shots. We prefer the more natural, alternative, essential oils type remedies. Anyway, he walked in and I sat down on the little examining chair-thing. All of a sudden he grabbed my hand, held it up, looked at my palm and said “What’s wrong with your hands?” I sheepishly said “Um, well, I don’t know…? My hands get really dry in the winter, so they’re pretty red right now.” He quickly said “No, they’re not red. They’re orange!” He quickly looked at my eyes to check for any signs of jaundice, then he said “Well, your liver is fine, otherwise your eyes would be yellow… Do you eat a lot of vegetables?” I said “Well, yes, I do.” “Like, a lot, a lot?” “…Yes.” “Oh, well then that’s why. The beta carotene is turning your skin a different color.” That’s nothing I didn’t already know, but I thought it was pretty funny to hear it confirmed by a doctor.

You might be wondering why I was at the doctor in the first place. My eye has been bothering me for the past few days, and yesterday I felt a small, painful, tender bump on my left bottom eyelid. The doctor told me it was a stye, which was actually quite a relief to me! My mind was racing with (scary!) possibilities,and I was a little freaked out. I was just hoping it wasn’t a tumor or something and that I wouldn’t go blind in one eye. (I told you my mind was racing.) I’ve never had a stye before, so I had to look up what it is:

  • Most bumps on the eyelid are styes. A stye is an inflamed oil gland on the edge of your eyelid, where the lash meets the lid. It appears as a red, swollen bump that looks like a pimple. It is tender, especially to the touch.
  • A stye is caused by bacteria from the skin that get into the oil glands in the eyelids that provide lubrication to the tear film. Styes usually develop over a few days and may drain and heal on their own.

That’s kinda nasty. I don’t even know how that happened, but apparently it did! I guess I’ll have to be more careful about my eyes. Anyway, the doctor told me that I can’t wear makeup until my stye goes away, but I’d actually already made that decision before I saw him. It’s kind of unfortunate, but it’s okay. I don’t wear makeup THAT often anyway… it depends, I guess. Usually it’s only when I’m going out to do something fun or see friends. If I’m going to the grocery store or dance, I don’t usually care, and I especially don’t care when I’m just sitting at home.  😛


I made some of Kathleen’s Carob Banana Nut Muffins the other day!


I halved the recipe, and made the following changes:

  • Whole wheat pastry flour instead of reg. whole wheat
  • Less cinnamon
  • Cocoa instead of carob
  • 1 flax egg instead of egg whites
  • Vanilla Coconut Milk [carton, not can] (Trying to use it up)
  • Coconut oil instead of canola
  • Agave instead of honey
  • No walnuts

I also purposely heaped the batter in the cups, because I wanted them to rise over and create a muffin top. I learned that trick from Kelsey. Smile


They were awesome! Thank you, Kathleen. Smile


^ This little guy was my favorite because of his Elvis-esque head. But shhh, don’t tell the others.


I think they’re jealous.


This one especially. But it’s not his fault; I pulled his little head off almost immediately. He didn’t even get a chance.

I also made some of Angela’s recently blogged Curried Lentil Soup. I went to the grocery store specifically for lentils and the vegetables called for in the recipe. Yes, surprisingly, I was out of celery, onions and carrots—even after my produce stock-up.


Chopping my carrots and celery. The onion came shortly after, as did the rest of the soup-making process. I’m so bad at taking pictures while making things… I always have such good intentions, but they always fail me right after the first few pictures!


Look at her coveting my soup. Silly Chansey, that’s not for you.


I topped it with some fresh tomatoes and daiya afterwards. I also stirred some kale in so it could wilt. This soup was very good and I enjoyed it a lot! I also enjoyed the leftovers for lunch today. Smile

Well, I’m off to eat an organic Fuji apple and get ready for my volleyball game! Our church group plays sports at this time every year, and now we’re doing volleyball instead of our regular basketball. It’s just a fun championship against other members of our church in this area, but I am horrible at volleyball! It is definitely not my sport, haha. Oh well, it’s pretty fun when my arms aren’t killing me with pain!

Question of the Day 1: How often do you wear makeup? A lot? A little? Not at all?

Question of the Day 2: Do you prefer traditional medicine, with doctors, medications and shots? How do you feel about alternative medicine with essential oils, acupuncture, magnets, etc.?

Thanks for reading!


25 responses to “Caught Orange-Handed

  1. Hehe! I love how the doctor freaked out about the orange hands! I had a stye once in 4th grade. I just put a warm compress on it for a few days and it went away easy!

  2. My hands are orange too! So is my face and the bottom of my feet 🙂 I wonder if my doctor will say anything!

  3. Those muffins look like they are on steroids LOVE IT!

  4. Lolll, glad to know I’m not the only one who picks at muffins as I take them out of the oven 😀 What can I say, it’s IRRESISTIBLE! 🙂 And the thing about the orange hands is too funny, I also notice that my skin looks more “tanned” because I eat so many veggies 😛

  5. I don’t think my hands have ever been orange from eating too many veggies! I kinda just want to up my intake so I can be orange! haha!
    I get little bumps on my eyelids sometimes, but they always go away after a few days. They’re pretty annoying and hurt, but I never thought to look them up or see a doctor, but I bet they’re styes. I think I get them from my contacts or makeup. I wear makeup (almonst) everytime I go out, but just concealer and powder to cover my stubborn blemishes! I don’t ever wear eye makeup.
    The soup looks awesome!

  6. Well, Kelsey, you already know the answers to both questions concerning me. I don’t wear make up that much. Depends, really. And when I do, it’s usually not much. I had my 1st ever check up last year in April. My mom is very much into natural, and I’m becoming that way, too. You know, as far as my own opinions go. It’s funny that the doctor said you’re orange! haha. Really funny.

  7. That lentil soup sounds so good on a chilly day like today! I’m sorry to hear about your stye! I used to get them all the time when I first started wearing contacts for some reason. Bad contact solution maybe? I wear makeup everyday. I’m always conscious enough to make sure it all blends and I don’t look like a caked on doll though! As for medicine, I am more alternative. I go to the kinesiologist for everything and he fixes… everything. And about your orange hands, my cousin turned himself orange from drinking too much carrot juice haha! I stay tan all year long and when people ask me if I fake-bake, I tell them “no, I just eat a TON of canned pumpkin”. There ya go!

  8. I like the changes you made for the muffins and I am definately going to use that muffin top technique!
    I wear a little bit of makeup most days
    and I prefer alternative medicine, in fact I am considering a career in natropathic medicine

  9. I’m not much of a make-up wearer. I wear eyeliner and that’s about it!

    That soup look dang tasty! 🙂
    I love daiya mozzarella. I was completely against vegan cheeses until I tried daiya, its so good!

  10. I think I have some of that too. I used to eat 8-10 carrots a day, plus sweet potatoes, pumpkin, cantaloupe, spinach, mangos, etc; but now I am striving to eat more balanced — instead of only eating vitamin A, include vitamin E, etc. I think it is starting to go away, but it will take time.

    I am totally into alternative medicine. Doctors have their place, but I’d rather try alternative than to be put on the pill. If you get sick, maybe you have an imbalance in a nutriant or something, so therefore your defenses were weakened. I know there are certain situations where you have no blame for getting sick, but I think we should try to resolve the imbalance . We need to treat the cause, not just the sympotoms.

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the muffins! They’re lookin’ beautiful! 🙂

  11. ooo i love your soup!!! styes are HORRIBLE– ive had them before and they are so painful!!… funny about the orange hands! ahah… i dont wear makeup unless I’m going out all day and i keep it VERY light! natural is best 😀

  12. First, I want to tell you that you are amazing! I want my children to be like you. I cannot believe that you are just a teenager and you are actively cooking your own ultranutritious food. I feel like you should start teaching other teens . . .

    That said, my Pilates instructor asked me why my skin looked different–less pink, more yellowy orange, than the other students. I just figured it was all the veggies and forgot about it!

    I almost never wear makeup, but when I put on a fancy dress I feel naked without it. So tonight I’m going to a party at the Ritz Carlton hotel and wearing my most favorite black dress–I’ll definitely be wearing make-up, but never a lot of it. I’ll even swap out my glasses for contact lenses!

    Oh medicine . . . treat the cause, for sure, like Kat said, but don’t be a food either. I know a woman who died from breast cancer at a young age because she tried to treat it only with alternative medicine. I say, when things are that serious, do BOTH.


  13. I didn’t mean “food” I meant “fool” LOL!

  14. I hardly ever wear any makeup……
    That soup looks delicious, by the way! =D

  15. I so want to make those muffins!

    That’s too funny about the doctor! My dad used to drink carrot juice every day and started turning orange too! My mom thought there was something wrong with him 🙂 I’m actually surprised that it hasn’t happened to me yet!

    The only time that we ever go to the doctor is for a sports physical. And I don’t know if I’ve ever had a flu shot! Even when I get sick, I refuse to take medicine and choose to fight it off on my own – luckily, I hardly ever get sick!

    I hope your eye has a very speedy recovery!

  16. Eating lots of beta carotene will do that to you. 🙂 I love my sweet potatoes, though!

    Your soup and muffins look really great! Soup is my favorite thing to eat right now since it’s so cold out!

  17. That is too funny about your hand!! And your curried lentil soup looks awesome… there is nothing better than soup when it’s cold outside!

  18. Haha! I love that your hands are orange from eating veggies… gotta love the doc’s surprise. 😉

    I didn’t wear make up at all until I was 15 (not my parents rule, I just didn’t care about it. I was a tomboy) and then it was only eyeliner. When I went to college I was introduced to mascara and powder foundation. I would wear them for special occasions (like weddings or formals). By my senior year of college I wore make up for Sundays and date nights, but that’s it. Same thing now. I have quite a bit more makeup now, but I still only wear it when I’m dressing up (which is maybe once or twice a week). In the summer, I hardly wear makeup at all because I love my natural sunkissed look. 🙂

    I’m not much for medicine, but it’s really just because I tend to hate the way it tastes. Plus I’m really paranoid about being addicted to anything so I’m pretty careful about stuff like that. My husband was raised in a family that went to the chiropractor for everything and I have to admit I originally thought it was a load of hooey, but I’ve seen the good it’s done for his family so I can’t really make fun of it anymore. 😉

  19. Haha, last winter I turned orange too! Now I try to limit my orange vegetables to one serving per day and I’m fine 🙂 And I’m so glad to hear that there’s nothing terribly wrong with your eye.

    I wear makeup rarely, mostly just for special occasions. And I haven’t used much traditional medicine lately, but I’ve been wanting to experiment! Have you ever used magnets/accupuncture?

  20. haha, that is so funny that your hands turned orange! that’s never happened to me. I’m not a big fan of traditional medicine. I think for the most part that our bodies should be able to heal themselves if they are functioning properly, and taking pills messes up our natural ability to do that.
    I usually only wear mascara, and not every day. Sometimes it’s just too much trouble. :p

  21. haha don’t mind that doctor, we medicine nerds just get excited when we see a symptom and can figure out why it’s happening. 🙂

    hope your stye goes away soon! they aren’t fun!

  22. I hope your stye clears up soon!

    I’m not much of a makeup wearer. Only occasionally and only a little bit then.

  23. I wear makeup for school and for special occasions but I rarely wear it on the weekends or if I am just going to run errands. But even when I do wear it…I definitely don’t cake it on or anything :). those muffins look awesome! I am definitely making them tomorrow!

  24. Hello, Kelsey!
    I never wore make-up until I was 14, and now I wear foundation and mascara for school and church.
    When I was a baby I was orange, but I thought babies couldn’t properly digest beta carotene but older people can. Hmm. I have never been very red, though, and I’ve been told I have orange hands too a couple times.
    I thought to myself today that I would like to make some chocolate muffins. Those look so delicious. I need to stock up on some flour..
    Alisha 🙂

  25. I visitedyour blog for the first time. Been meaning to for a while. I really enjoyed. Very happy to know your pain was just a stye. Answer to question 1. Love love love makeup! It’s so much fun. Since i work I do wear it everyday. But I enjoy going sans makeup when I can.
    2. I think there’s a place for modern medicine & alt treatments as long as they’re thoroughly researched and used wisely

    I’m looking forward to reading more from you

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