Christmas Recap

Late Christmas recap? Yes, please! So I would really like to do a New Years’ post, but I have a lot of thoughts and a lot of things I’d like to talk about. I don’t really have the energy to write it right now, and with my friend visiting for the next few days, I probably won’t have time to post until Saturday. So, I am going to go ahead and post my Christmas recap. 🙂

I really appreciated your comments and thoughts on my last post. I was so glad to see how many of you agreed with me on the reason for the season. It made me very happy. 🙂 The presents may be fun, but it is so important to remember the reason we open them in the first place.

In preparation for Christmas, I had some friends over to decorate gingerbread graham cracker houses!


We were quite messy. I swear the table was clean before we got started.

This is how my house started…


And this is how it ended up!



I went slightly non-traditional, but I was happy with it. 🙂


My friend Ana’s house.



My friend Shayla’s house. I hope she doesn’t get mad at me for posting this picture. She was embarrassed by her house for some reason!


I wish you could’ve seen Kathleen’s! Hers was an amazing, two-story, exquisitely-decorated graham cracker house. I wish I had snapped a picture… but you can see it here! Some of you guys may already know, but she has recently started a blog. It’s called Kat’s Health Corner, and I am very excited for her. The blogging world is a fun one with lots of potential friends, and it will be cool to have a friend nearby who is a part of it. If you get a chance, pop on over to her blog and say hello!

Switching gears a bit. This Christmas Eve was fairly laid back and—surprise!—rainy. Some people are anti-rain, but I love the calmness and the ambiance it brings. I also fought severe lack of motivation and did my workout. It was HARD to convince myself to do it, though, believe me. I came up with every excuse in the book for why I shouldn’t work out, but I battled the voice in my head, pushed on, and did it anyway. I didn’t give it my absolute maximum effort, but I was panting and sweating by the end so I was happy.

Around 6:00 PM, we headed over to the home of some of our family friends. It’s a tradition of ours to go over to their house, put on a Christmas pageant and do a Christmas pass-around. Everyone sits in a circle with a wrapped present in their laps, then we read “The Night Before Christmas.” Every time we hear the word “the,” we pass the gift to the right. You end up with a little gift to unwrap, and this year I got a set of playing cards. 🙂 Afterwards, we drove around and looked at the lights in a nearby neighborhood. My family stopped for hot chocolate, but I was armed with hot chocolate almond milk that I’d brought along in a thermos. It was really cool.

Another tradition of ours is to read the Christmas story found in Luke 2, then open a pair of new pajamas. I think that’s a pretty common tradition, but I love it. Following that, I stayed up late (around 3 am!) helping my mom get the cinnamon rolls ready for the next morning and making my pie. More to come on that later.

When we woke up on Christmas morning, Santa had visited our stockings.


And guess what? Santa knows me pretty well!


Yup, Santa brought me some zucchini, yellow squash, dark (85%) chocolate, a pomegranate (!), an artichoke, and a couple packets of Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter. Oh, I also got an orange, which is a tradition in our family. 🙂 Not a piece of candy to be found! It was very cool.

We had breakfast next, which looked like this…


I topped my (vegan, whole wheat) cinnamon roll with some unpictured, made-up-on-the-spot Pumpkin Gingerbread frosting. It was okay—not recipe worthy. I didn’t finish my cinnamon roll because it was pretty dry, but it would be a lie to say I didn’t eat some scraps from the pan. I also made a tofu, lentil, veggie scramble, which was very good.

After breakfast, we headed to the tree.

Christmas Chia Seeds

Here is my little brother, Dakota, and I sporting some things we were excited about. Yeah, I cropped my face. It was Christmas morning… who looks good on Christmas morning?! I love that new sweatshirt though, and I also got some chia seeds! That was a big deal, since chia seeds are too expensive to buy regularly. I also unwrapped some coconut butter, which I was out of and had been missing. 🙂

Dinner was a very enjoyable meal. We made some amazing whole wheat rolls with the same recipe from this post, and I also made the same lentil loaf I made for Thanksgiving. I roasted some sweet potatoes in the oven, and we ate this vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter pie by Healthy. Happy. Life.


I forgot to take pictures until later. Obviously.


So so good. I used Susan’s Oatmeal Cookie Crust, subbing half the applesauce with coconut oil.


I made it with Baker’s unsweetened chocolate and I used the pudding sub listed on the recipe. It was dark and rich, which I loved, but I thought it could have been darker. My mom disagreed and thought it wasn’t sweet enough. Go figure, right? 😛 Oh well, to each her own.

Question of the Day: How do YOU fight lack of motivation to work out? I usually picture how I’ll feel after the workout and how happy I will be. Other times I just tell myself to suck it up and do it anyway.

Question of the Day 2: How was your Christmas? Did your family (or Santa) bring you any fun foodie items?

Thanks for reading!

21 responses to “Christmas Recap

  1. Holy smokes that peanut butter pie looks good!

    Ya know. it has been too long since I have made a gingerbread or as you would call graham cracker house myself!
    Well, that’s why we got next year! 🙂

  2. we always get oranges in our stockings too! ahaha i dont know where that started! that pie looks to DIE FOR!!.. and YES i got 2 tubs of DCD in my stocking- score!

  3. Haha, I wish I got your stocking! Mine had a bunch of milk chocolate in it, which I may or may not have re-gifted to my sister 😀 But I did get a bento box and some really REALLY adorable snack containers.

    Glad you had such a wonderful Christmas, girly!

  4. That pie looks sooo good!!!!!!
    Usually, when I don’t want to workout, I’ll split the workout up into 10 minute sections, and tell myself to just get through the first one, and then, the second, and so on. That way, I don’t feel overwhelmed by a long workout and by the time I’m done, I feel great!

  5. Looks like you had an awesome (and healthy) Christmas! My mom got me a book on juicing, since I recently bought a jack lalanne Juicer and go through vegetables by the pound lol. All the other presents were typical teen things (IHome/clothes). Happy new year!

  6. If I lack the motivation, I, like fitchocholic, break it up into 10 min sections (I love those express 10 min workouts — so much fun). After I do workout, I feel so empowered — like I can do anything!!

    Those peanut butter swirls on your pie are to die for!! Same here–the darker the better. 🙂

    For Christmas, my parents bought me, I mean the family, some CutCo knives. (smile) 😉

  7. awesome stocking stuff!! santa did you good!! i didn’t get any food items..but i did get money to go towards the vitamix i’m saving up for!! i do the same with working out..i tell myself..this will make your heart happy and you muscles work..yayada..and push…
    Happy Early New Year!! 🙂

  8. The graham cracker houses are so cute! I love what you got in your stocking! I didn’t get any foodie items exactly, but in my stocking I did get this monogrammed metal reusable water bottle that I love. Oh and my parents always get my siblings and I each a book and since my book was paperback my mom got me a magazine too, the Clean Eating magazine of course.

  9. Oh and that pie looks absolutely wonderful!

  10. That looks like so much fun!

    I absolutely love your blog. It even inspired me to make one 🙂 I am also a teen who loves to eat healthy.

    P.S. That cake looks amazing!

  11. That pie looks sooo good. I must admit I was not so good this Christmas, but nothing wrong with a little’ indulgence, especially since I’m getting back on the horse for the new year!

  12. chocolate peanut butter cake!!? now that is just epic.

  13. love the new look of your site! how did you do it? i have been wanting to give my bloggy a little makeover for awhile but i feel like wordpress allows me to do nothing….so is your change like a new theme or did you switch hosting sites to one of with more options? very curious!!! feel free to email me if you get a chance i would love to know!

  14. WHOA that pie looks amaazing!! Love making gingerbread houses too! As far as working out, I’ll tell myself “just 15 minutes.” Then by the time I get going, I want to work out for longer!

  15. When I’m lacking motivation, I always tell myself that I have never ever regretted doing a workout, but I know that I’ll regret not working out. That usually convinces me to get to the gym or get outside for a run — or I’ll tell myself to start with 15 or 20 minutes and then usually end up getting into a groove and working out longer.

    Your gifts sound awesome! I’m super excited because I got a panini maker. I’m so pumped to try a bunch of new combinations on it!

  16. Lately I’ve been feeling really unmotivated to work out, but now that I’ve set goals for the new year, it’s gotten a little better. We’ll see how I feel in a few weeks, though 🙂

  17. Oh my heavens that pie looks incredible!

  18. Haha, I love how you get food for Christmas, that’s the best! Everyone is always afraid to buy me food because I have too many standers apparently…


  19. haha I’m like you, I have a sensitive sweet tooth so I always cut down the sugar in recipes and then when I let friends try it they think its not sweet enough! The funny things is that I can’t handle a food being super sweet yet I have dessert everyday 😛
    The pie looks amazing!

  20. That pie looks dreamy! I just bookmarked it!

    When I really don’t feel like working out, I do like you and just imagine how great I feel afterwards. Then I get up and put my workout clothes on and usually by the time I’m tying my shoelaces, I’m ready to do it!

    I was very happy with my Christmas…Santa brought me a slew of plates and bowls and a salt & pepper grinder set!

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