Trader Joe’s Trip

Remember how I linked to this website at the end of the last post? Well, that’s because I was fortunate enough to go to Trader Joe’s recently! The closest one to me is in Albuquerque, New Mexico (about 11 hours away), but fortunately we pass through Albuquerque on our way home from Utah. My mom and I both LOVE Trader Joe’s (we used to shop there all the time when we were in California–another story for another day) so we knew a stop was in order on the drive home a few weeks ago. We’d done this one other time on our way home from Utah in January, but at that time I wasn’t as involved in healthy eating as I am now. I didn’t know what products to look for and I definitely didn’t have a gameplan. This time, however, was pretty different.

After hearing so much about TJ’s Sunflower Seed butter, that was for sure the first thing I picked out.

At first I wasn’t sure whether or not I liked it, but it has definitely grown on me. It could never replace my beloved peanut butter, but it has a distinct, unique flavor that I love.

I’d also heard that TJ’s bran muffins were quite good, so I chose some blueberry ones.

I think the stats are incredible, and the ingredients are super simple.

These were really good! Very bran-y, but that was to be expected. They were also a little too sweet for me; my mom did not like them.

I got some yummy freeze-dried blueberries. šŸ™‚

I was ecstatic to pick out a lunch from TJ’s prepared foods section. This was my on-the-road lunch. It wasn’t great, but not too bad.

The wrap was HUGE. I could barely finish half of it.

I also got these tofu spring rolls for dinner. They were interesting as well; not my favorite.

I picked up a pre-made, refrigerated TJ’s whole wheat crust too, so the above picture is some pizza I made with it. šŸ™‚

This juice was sooo crazy good. I wish we had thought to stock up on it, because both my mom and I were extremely sad when it was gone. Love love love.

Straight green juice. Heaven.

I also picked up some vegan chocolate chip cookies..

Heh. I shouldn’t have, but I really wanted to try them. šŸ˜› They were really good.

I got a few other things, like some organic tofu veggie burgers that were made with kale (they were amazing!), a yummy black bean spread and some dark chocolate. TJ’s is awesome and well-priced, my friends.

I used some of my new (and old) finds to create a yummy soy yogurt mess.

Soy yogurt topped with 1/2 a bran muffin, some Galaxy Granola, freeze-dried blueberries and TJ’s sunflower seed butter.

I used similar toppings on a green SIAB.

Granola, cacao nibs, blueberries and sunflower seed butter. Yeahh.

By the way, if any of you happened to miss it, the wonderful Tiffany at The Gracious Pantry did a post featuring her version of my Cream of the Coconut! Click here to check it out. Thank you, Tiffany!

I wanted to quickly show you a picture of my current favorite sandwich: avocado, tomato, black bean and hummus on whole wheat bread. Oh, it is so good. Sprouts and cucumbers make nice additions, but the basic 4 ingredients = an amazing sandwich.

Lol, this picture was taken at my grandpa’s house in Utah. Don’tcha love his awesome table cloth? šŸ™‚

Question of the day: What is your favorite health food store? Have you ever been to Trader Joe’s? If so, which is your favorite product of theirs? If not, which product have you heard about that would you most like to try?

Thanks for reading!


17 responses to “Trader Joe’s Trip

  1. I wish I had a Trader Joe’s near me! I checked their site and the nearest store is 242 miles away šŸ˜¦ If I could go though, I would definitely pick up some of those Bran Muffins… omg they look so good! Thankfully there is a health food store in a city less than 30 min. from where I live so I can get the goods when I go shopping šŸ™‚

  2. OH ME. OH MY. I love Trader Joe’s! I haven’t been there in a while and I think I need to return soon. šŸ™‚ My other favorite health food stores are Whole Foods (even though it can be expensive), Jungle Jim’s (in Cincinnati, OH…it’s an international grocery store..GIGANTIC!), and this placed called Health Foods Unlimited. This place is so big and full of everything. I only went in and out to buy guar gum, but I wish I could have looked at everything. I will again soon!

    My favorite TJ’s items are: nut butters, trail mixes, greek yogurt, english muffins, muffins, peanut butter filled pretzels, sushi, and more!

  3. We always hit Trader Joe’s on our way down south in the winter and really stock up and then re-stock on the way back with what we are allowed to bring across the border. Wish we could have one here where I live or even something similar would be good.

  4. Trader Joe’s is my favorite health food store all the way! All the food is so delicious and nutritious (mostly) but it’s still cheap.

    My favorite TJ’s products? Sunflower seed butter, trail mixes, whole wheat sandwich bread, low fat almond granola… and everything else! Haha, I need to take a trip there this weekend!

  5. The TJ’s sunflower seed butter is like crack! I love it šŸ™‚

  6. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a Trader Joe’s and there aren’t any in my whole state! We don’t even have Whole Foods. The only health food store I’ve been to is Nutrition S’Mart. It’s a good store though. They’ve got everything I need! But I hope to one day get to a Trader Joe’s!

  7. I looove TJs. I have one about 20 mins from my house and I don’t know hat I would do without it! I love their bran muffins, their peanut butter, and oddly enough their frozen corn is amazing! Its incredibly sweet, sometimes even better than fresh corn!! I just got the freeze dried blueberries a few days ago for the first time and I love them! they are so crunch and they go great in cereal!

  8. spoonfulofsugarfree

    My grandparents are Huuuge fans of Trader Joe’s! And I’ve always wanted to try that sunflower seed butter…nummy! But the muffins have good ingredients! I have been in love with bran muffins lately, in fact I just posted a recipe for them this morning!

  9. AH i live in albuquerque and go to the trader joe’s all the time! šŸ™‚ well, right now I am living in sweden BUT you are right, the pre-made whole wheat crust is to die for.
    Also, their huge blocks of chocolate (dangerous to have around) and their coffee is pretty good too šŸ™‚

    I’m missing home right now, and am a bit jealous that you were there :/


  10. They just opened a TJ’s around the corner from my house. I’ve only been there once, but it seemed like they didn’t have a lot of the stuff I see people write about in BlogWorld. šŸ˜¦

  11. There isn’t a single TJ in Kentucky, but I’ve heard about their pumkin butter. When I spotted my first store in NC, I ran in to look for pumpkin butter, but sadly it’s only available in the fall. šŸ˜¦

    Glad you you had a successful trip. šŸ™‚

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  13. Those prepped goodies look so delish! I’d scarf those spring rolls in a heartbeat! No TJ’s here in Florida, sadly, but I do love WF and have been known to drive an hour to Tampa/Orlando to hit it up!

  14. Wow, 11 hours away! It would mean like driving to Berlin for me, 1000 km away.
    We have small health stores where you can find many unusual and healthy foods. I never bought anything there because the certain items were my source of inspiration (nut butters..) – there I also saw hemp flour, ground nut flour..however never tried them. I really should appreciate it that such stores exist here, they are a few in my town, very close indeed.
    Sunseed butter – there’s a company Ibi making such and healthy. I once made sunseed butter too, with pumpkin seeds. You could try blending roasted pumpkin seeds.. maybe you’d like that butter.

  15. I’m so glad I live near a TJ’s!!! And that sandwich looks amazing. What stellar combination! I’m totally going to have to try that…

  16. ohh… I want that soygurt topped with muffin, dried blueberries (!!) and nut butter! I love crumbing things in my bowls of oatmeal, yogurt (but I NEVER have any- I wish they would make an unsweetened version. It is unbearably sweet!). Yesterday I crumbled chocolate fudge babies into my oatmeal. Wow… No words, now words

  17. We are so lucky to have a TJ’s by us. That means sunflower seed butter whenever I want!

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