Hey blog friends!

Thank you SO much for all the feedback on the last post! It made me so happy; you guys are truly the best. I love y’all. πŸ™‚

Hm, so you know how I was going to try to get another few posts up this week? Well, clearly it did not happen. I am SO unbelievably busy and I’m finding myself with less and less free/leisure time. I have no idea how those big bloggers write a post every single day, and some of them write 2-3! I commend them, because (clearly) I could never do it.

In addition to my decreasing amount of time, I’m lacking the use of a camera. My brother Brady and I have similar cameras, and just as he was leaving for his mission he realized he had no cord to charge his camera. His was completely dead and we had no time to get him a new one, so I gave him mine instead. The plan was to buy me a new cord off of eBay or something, but we have yet to do it, so I am stuck with a dead camera and few pictures for you. Not the best thing for a food blogger, lol.

Also, because I have had so little extra time, my meals have been quite boring and uneventful. Breakfasts have consisted of a slice of this bread (something I picked up after seeing Emily write about) and some coconut butter, along with a plain chocolate protein shake or a protein Green Monster. On days that I’m not home–which seem to be always–lunch is pretty much nonexistent. That is definitely not typical for me, but I usually forget to grab something on the way out. On days that I AM home, lunches are a salad or leftover pizza (yes, I made more.. I’ll cover that in my next post this coming weekend) and dinner is just whatever I can throw together with little to no effort. Told you, not very exciting.

So, since I have nothing fun to write about, let me tell you a little bit about what I’m going to be doing this week. Every year, my homeschool group attends a family camp at a beautiful campsite in Texas. It’s typically one of the best weeks of the year and I ALWAYS look forward to it. One of the things I like the most is being completely unplugged: no cell phones, no music players (besides the ones required for the dance), no video games, no television, no computer–it’s quite nice, really. Natalie did a post on this recently and it really made me think about incorporating more “unplugged” times into my life. I know that for me, when I’m not focusing on technology and electronics I’m able to more fully take in my surroundings and appreciate the beauty around me. I pay attention to the trees, I admire the clouds and I listen to the river. I also have time to go on 5-mile hikes through the rocky terrain and water, and I’m able to devote more attention to my friends and family. All of those are great things, and I’m looking forward to a week full of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Question of the Day: How often do YOU unplug? What are the benefits for you? Will you try to unplug with me at least one day this week? (I had to try. :P)

Thanks for reading!


8 responses to “Unplugging

  1. Great idea Kelsey! I’ll definitely take the challenge. I am way too attached to my computer so this will be good for me. I too notice that when I spend less of my time with technology, I notice more things around me and am much more tuned in.
    Hope you have a fantastic time at camp!

  2. hey kelsey!!! i’m really glad that my unplugging post helped you think about incorporate more unplugging time in your life! i’m really excited for you that you’re going on this retreat camp… i think that will be such a good time for reflection, peacefulness, and growth.

    i think we are totally on the same page when it just comes to time , being busy, and just wanting to unplug!! i could never blog 2-3 times a day.. it’s difficult for me to do that just in the span of a week!!! and lately i have been eating really simply also… and it’s nice, i enjoy it =)

  3. Wow, just the thought of being “unplugged” stresses my brain out. My job is to keep the computers and other technology devices working for everyone. I spend 9+ hours a day doing that and then head home and as soon as supper is done, I’m back on the computer doing my own personal email and stuff. I’m definitely addicted to computers. I’m going to have to consider your challenge and maybe force myself to take it…even if just for an evening at home. Thanks for your post!

  4. I’m having camera troubles, too. My camera broke a few weeks ago so I’ve been using my mom’s phone to take not-so-awesome-quality pictures. But she doesn’t always let me use her phone to take pictures of my food, so yeah. I need a new camera.

  5. I try to find some time to unplug for a couple hours every day… you know, curled up with a book far away from my phone and computer! But I would like to do it for a complete day soon.

    Have a fun time at the camp, and take lots of pictures so when you do get a replacement camera cord, you can share them with us! πŸ˜€

  6. mmm. coconut butter..i fianlly tried some. LOVE. ha ha
    hope you have fun at camp..un-plugging is great!!! makes you just worry about breathing, living, and EATING..lol…have a great time!

  7. I feel that I have balance between blogging/ “real” life. I enjoy blogging so much that I really just want to do it more. πŸ™‚

  8. Oh I unplug for sure here and there, it just depends, this weekend I will be away visiting family and going to a Lady Gaga concert so I will def be unplugging!!!!!

    I think its good to unplug, life is too short and beautiful to not be out enjoying it to the fullest!


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