Domain Game.

That almost rhymes, right? Anyway, this post is really exciting because it’s my first-ever post with my new URL! That’s right, folks: I finally bought a domain. Take a look at your address bar and notice the lack of “” I’m very excited about it! It feels so good to type 🙂

My breakfast this morning was based on something I saw on Katie’s blog, which shouldn’t be a surprise to you if you’re a regular reader of my blog. 😛 One of my friends told me that she adds tofu to her oatmeal, so after her recommendation and Katie’s, I figured it was time.

Okay, I know this looks totally and completely unappetizing, but it was one of those mornings and I was rushing out the door. I didn’t have time to take a better, prettier picture and I apologize. It was really good though, and I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you for the wonderful, voluminous, creamy tip, Katie!

I ended up cooking 1/3 cup oatmeal in 1 + 1/3 cup water with a little sea salt for 3.5 minutes, then I let it sit overnight. In the morning, I processed 1/4 block of Mori-Nu silken tofu with some melted dark chocolate (I microwaved a couple pieces of my Dagoba 87% chocolate bar), then stirred that into the oatmeal. Neither plain oatmeal nor tofu has a lot of flavor, so I put a tiny sprinkle of sucanat on the top. Yumm. It was delicious, but next time I’ll make it more chocolate-y. I’m out of cocoa powder right now, so it’ll be easier once I replenish my stock. 🙂

For lunch I had an unpictured salad at dance class, but it consisted of romaine, tomato, cucumber, carrots, yellow bell peppers, mustard and hummus. A little later on, I also consumed this bar.

Hmm… what could it be? You’ll just have to find out. 😀 (Psh, I am such a tease.)

For dinner tonight I had a fresh, yummy sandwich on a piece of Ezekiel bread.

Layer 1: Hummus & Nutritional Yeast
Layer 2: Cucumbers
Layer 3: Red/Yellow Peppers
Layer 4: Tomatoes
Layer 5: Avocado

Topped with a leaf of romaine. 🙂 Oh my gosh, so good.

A little bit later I had dessert in the form of a 1/2 serving of Choconut Protein Glaze. I added less milk this time so it was more like protein cookie dough.

1/2 scoop Nutribiotic protein powder, 1.5 tsp coconut butter, splash of milk, drizzle of honey.

That was all the food I ate today, but several of you asked me about the cashew cream yesterday. Remember when I first posted about it here? All you do is soak a bunch of RAW cashews in water overnight, then in the morning blend/process them with some milk/water and add a little sweetener. Alternatively, you can omit the sweetener and instead stir in nutritional yeast and lemon juice to make a “cheese” sauce. I think I’m gonna try that out tomorrow; I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂

Thanks for reading! 🙂


11 responses to “Domain Game.

  1. teenagehealthfreak

    Thats my kind of sammie..yummo avocado..and hummus…oh yeah. And is that a RAW BAR?!!?!? because it totally sorta looks like one!!!

  2. How exciting that you have your own domain! Your sandwich you had for dinner looks awesome. I really like Ezekial bread, espicially the cinnamon-raisin kind for breakfast. I am certainly going to have to try making some cashew cream. I’m sure I’ll love it since cashew butter is like my favorite thing ever.

  3. LOL it looks appetizing to me! I must be strange 🙂 :).
    Love u!

  4. oh nice! im loving the dot com officialness 🙂 i bought a domain but i havent got around to switching it.. kind of cuz the dot com doesnt hook up right with my blogspot so i have to buy an extra something to get it linking. i dunno, at least thats what my brother said he’s gonna do, he’s the “whiz” in the family.

    and yes ppl totally call me Kels too (but not too too many). sometimes the most random people say it.. lol. i always feel its so much more personal when ppl say Kels.

    oh and the vega infusions are my favorite. im biased tho cuz i havent had the new ones yet but the infusions are FANTASTIC!

    xoxo ❤

  5. Your avocado sandwich looks beautiful! And I LOVE oatmeal so that photo actually looks yummy, not unappetizing at all! Tell us what the bar is! =P

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  8. That veggie sandwich looks so darn good! Mmm, those avocado pieces. Yes, please! 🙂 Happy Friday!

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  10. Creamy tofu oatmeal is wonderful! I used to blend the tofu with vanilla soy milk so the whole mixture had more taste. Or I used plain milk (not adding water) when mixing it. I remember how yummy it was (look at Katie’s better’n kozyshack pudding, it’s exactly what you/me made) 😉

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