I’m 3 Months Old :)

By the way, I just wanted to mention that today is my blog’s three-month anniversary! Pretty exciting, eh? I’ve really enjoyed these past three months and I’m grateful for all of the wonderful people I’ve “met” through blogging. You guys have taught me so much about listening to myself and doing what’s right for me. That sounds silly, but it’s true, so thank you.

In these past few months I’ve also had the opportunity to do a couple reviews. (Another one is coming soon! Hint: it involves chocolate :D) They’ve been a lot of fun and I’ve gotten to try some amazing products, so thank you to anyone that has contacted me.

Also, a huge thanks goes to every single of you that has ever read or commented on my blog. I cannot even verbalize how much getting comments makes my day. It makes me happy to know that people are reading, and I hope that my blog can show you that it isn’t hard to eat healthily. It’s really quite fun, not to mention your creativity skills are definitely put to use. 🙂

Before I go, I want to mention the giveaway that Katie is doing for Artisana coconut butter (my FAVORITE), coconut oil (another favorite) and Cacao Bliss (yet another favorite.) This giveaway is filled to the brim with amazingness; it’s kind of my dream giveaway, actually. I DEFINITELY think you should enter it. I know I am! 🙂

THANK YOU for reading and for making my blog everything that it is!

Kelsey 🙂


One response to “I’m 3 Months Old :)

  1. happy 3 month blog anniversary!!
    your right – it really isn’t too hard to eat healthy. its all about choices 🙂

    can’t wait for the reviews!

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