Grilled PB&A Sandwich

This morning I had no idea what I wanted for breakfast.

I started thinking about making Kayla’s tortillas and using them in a pb/banana breakfast quesadilla, but that didn’t work out.  I couldn’t make the tortillas due to a time restriction, and we didn’t have any bananas, so that’s one idea I’ll have to save for another time.

Still, I wanted something untraditional for breakfast–something other than my typical bowl of oatmeal, and not a protein shake either.

Something peanut-buttery, something toasty,  something… sandwich-y.

Enter Grilled PB&A Sandwich


  • 2 slices whole wheat bread
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter (or more if you like. I have to restrict myself, remember?)
  • About 1/4 of a medium apple, chopped
  • Cinnamon
  • Coconut oil


  1. Put a small pan over medium heat and let it get hot.
  2. Spread a little or a lot of coconut oil on one side of each slice of bread, then spread the peanut butter on the other side of the bread. It’s up to you whether you want all the PB on one slice or if you want to share it between the two. 🙂
  3. Place the apple chunks on top of the peanut butter, shake on some cinnamon and put the other piece of bread on top, coconut oil side out.
  4. Place the sandwich on your heated up pan and cook like you would a normal grilled cheese sandwich! You’ll know it’s done when the bread is light golden brown, the PB is melty and the apples are soft. Mmm.


The delicious Pink Lady apple that I used.

Pre-cooking assembly: chopped apples, peanut butter and bread. Yum!

Just put on the grill. I took the top slice off momentarily so you could see the inside. 🙂

Post cooking. Mmm. Look at those soft apples and that drizzly PB. 😉

After pictures were over (or so I thought), I closed my sandwich back up and enjoyed.

It really was sooo tasty. I will be making it again soon!

Huge shout out goes to my friend Landon, who made the recipe as soon as I told him about it! He doesn’t have a blog, but he texted me these pictures of his food. It looks really, really good!!

Prepped and all ready to go on the grill:

His final product:

Awesome! Thanks again, Landon. You’re the 😀

All right, well it is 12:20 AM and I have gotta hit the sack. I’m visiting an organic veggie/fruit farm in the morning so I need to have plenty of energy!

Till next time,

Kelsey 🙂


6 responses to “Grilled PB&A Sandwich

  1. Yum! That looks so good! I used to eat toasted almond butter and apple sammies, but I bet it’s much better grilled with coconut oil! Which is my favorite oil 😀

    Was just reading your header and didn’t know if you wanted to change it now that you’re 16! 🙂


    • Oh yeah, apples + any kind of nut butter always = amazing. 🙂 haha. Coconut oil is definitely my favorite, too. 🙂

      Oh, thank you for reminding me! I need to do that. 😛

  2. What a great idea! These sound delicious..I’ll have to make them one of these days!

  3. Creative meal, it looks great!! ❤

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